How To Care For Your Garden Furniture

How To Care For Your Garden Furniture

Getting some new garden furniture really can be exciting, especially if you have invested in a brand-new outdoor set that you have been wanting for some time, but of course, like anything you buy new, you will always want it to look as good as it can do for as a long as possible.

The British weather throws up a wide range of elements, from baking hot sunshine (who remembers the first few months of Lockdown?) right the way through to freezing cold rain and even the odd bout of snow from time to time. And on occasions you can get all seasons in one day, which is why your garden furniture really does need to be made of the right stuff to make sure it can survive the elements.

And then of course, it is something that is going to get used and hopefully used a lot. From those sunny barbeque days when the family is around and people sit on it, covering it in sun protection cream or dropping food all over it, through to those quiet moments where you can sit back with a cup of coffee and just enjoy some peace.

It is made to be used, to be sat on, to be enjoyed, but of course, this in turn means you need to look after it to make sure it really does go the distance.

So, here are a few top tips to keep your garden furniture looking like new for as a long as possible!

Cover Up Or Store Away

We recommend the use of a garden furniture cover when your furniture is not in use, especially during those winter months where the rain and cold weather can really give your furniture a battering.

Ideally if you can store of the set away during the months when you don’t use it, this could be a good idea, but when it comes to the cushions, always make sure you bring those indoors or into storage when not in use.

Cotswold Garden Furniture is resistant to frost and UV light and can be left outside throughout the year, however if you are able to dry store your furniture over the worst winter months this is always recommended.

Clean Up After Accidents

If there are spillages then we recommend you clean these as quickly as you can, from the odd bit of food through to drinks and other liquids, quick action can help to avoid permanent stains and long-term visual damage. Try to avoid leaving the removal of spillages or accidents to the next day, as quite often this will be too late, just act quickly, clean up and you should be able to avoid those unsightly marks and stains that can last forever.

Ongoing Cleaning

We would always tend to suggest cleaning your furniture with a non-abrasive sponge and lukewarm, detergent-free soapy water on a regular basis, which will keep your furniture looking great but also reduce the risk of permanent stains and marks. Simply rinse with fresh water and allow to dry prior to covering or storing for the winter months.

Any items made from Glass such as tabletops can be cleaned using a normal household glass cleaner, but we would always recommend you do not use any abrasive liquids this will score the surface.
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